1. Why should i be concerned with my site’s speed?

Your users’ experience in terms of navigating your site should be a great reason. Users have many options when it comes to consuming content on the internet, and a slow performing website will frustrate your users, making them leave your website. A faster and more responsive website will keep them more engaged and focused on your content, rather than waiting for scripts and images to load.

  1. What are the other benefits can i get on having a fast website?

Another reason is for SEO. Google has announced they are using page speed in their ranking algorithm. This means that faster performing sites may rank higher in search engine results. As developers and marketers look to optimize their sites, page speed should be among the top optimizations to consider.

  1. My site loads pretty fast, why should i change it?

It’s all about efficiency and optimization. Your site may be loading fast, but it could be faster if you take some of the best practices into consideration.

  1. Do you have proof that you provide a high rated website?

Yes, you can visit us at successonline.com.au, we can assure you that we can make your website a high rated website on the planet. And if you see a website with more ‘A’s or have a much better result than us, then will give you your website for Free.

  1. How are you going to improve our website’s ratings?

First, we will going to check the ratings of your website and if we can’t improve your rating using your old framework, we will going to make a new website with our own Phly CMS framework. And guarantee you that you will get the “A”s in your website’s rating.

  1. How impactful is this to have for my search engine ranking?

In general, there is no definitive answer one way or the other. Google has indicated they want a faster web, and to be able to “flip through sites” visually (like a magazine), which requires sites rendering fast and caching well. Google has also stated: “While site speed is a new signal, it doesn’t carry as much weight as the relevance of a page.” But don’t do it for SEO, do it for your users!

  1. What does the result categories in Mobile Moments mean?

Mobile Site

It is similar to a default application you have on your phone. It combines the best of the web and the best of mobile apps. This checks validate the aspects of a Mobile Site.


This check will analyze your website performance across different web platform.


These checks highlight opportunities to improve the accessibility of your web app. Only a subset of accessibility issues can be automatically detected so manual testing is also encouraged.

Best Practices

These checks if your website is compliant to Google’s Standards in website development.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

These checks ensure that your page is optimized for search engine results ranking in your local area so customers can contact you immediately on Search Engines.